Eva Berglund Bookz

Young Readers

Research has shown that many children start reading at an early age. Children are able to learn to recognise forms and are thus able to learn letters. This is also often true regarding children with intellectual disabilities. If children approach reading with the “whole words” method, there are children who are able to read a few words already at age one.

With a written language system as the Swedish one, the children have to sooner or later learn to produce the letter sounds one by one in close connection to get an understanding of what a word means that they have not practiced on from the beginning. To become successful with this the children have to understand things like the direction words should be read, and the association ambient letters and sounds.

Even when the child is able to understand letters and their corresponding sounds, another skill is needed for the children, and that is vocabulary understanding. Furthermore, young children need texts adapted to their general cognitive level that could interest and engage them. Reading demands not only decoding, but also the understanding of words. When both those preconditions are set, the child may have an understanding of what they read.

Our idea with “Young readers”, is to produce texts for the children to read themselves that are adapted to small children regarding their content.