Eva Berglund Bookz

Yellow books

The yellow books are adapted to enlarge the vocabulary of children in particular regarding the names of objects, that is nouns.

The pictures in the books are not really stories but pictures denoting objects or scenes. In the end of the books are clarifying pictures and recordings and English translations. If you want to read more “storylike” texts they are under the menue “Stories”.

It is important that the child is presented a wide vocabulary to describe various places and situations. It is very positive if you have the opportunity to visit places that remind of those in the books, and to talk about the things in reality too.

The books suggests texts that are useful as a startingpoint for your discussions about the pictures, yet, the more the child knows the words the more you can vary what you talk about based on the book.

While the child is in the present phase regarding Swedish grammar, it is positive if you speak with the child about “ownership” such as “Mummy’s bicycle” or “the ball is yours”. It is also positive if you speak about objects in the plural such as a doll – two dolls.

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