Eva Berglund Bookz


Signs could support talking for most infants and children. Baby-signs is a method many parents learn and that could help communication before the children start talking. In Sweden we use simplified signs for children with disabilities yet also for just arrived immigrant children. We call it TAKK which refers to “signs as an alternative and complementary communication”. Of course is sign language the natural language for people with hearing disabilities.

The signs we present here are not mainly any introduction to Swedish sign language, but signs that all parents could easily learn to support the communication with their young children.

Particular signs that are particularly useful in pre-schools and in the home to assist communication with all children are presented in the “Star” book.

The signs presented follow the typical vocabulary development for all children and are presented in books in the same order (from green, yellow, red, and blue) as for talking children. The signs selected in the books are chosen among signs of particular functional importance for people with disabilities.
Notice that the signs presented are from the Swedish sign language, and might differ a bit from signs in other sign languages.