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Green books

Those books are designed for infants and children from before the age when they start to talk until the time they become particularly interested in learning nouns.

The books provides materials to “talk about” together with an adult, and the adult is encouraged to vary exactly how the child is addressed to adapt to the language skills of the particular child.

The books provide suggestions regarding questions and topics to talk about to suit different children.

Usually are the words and concepts used in the beginning of the books a bit easier and those that appear later a bit more difficult. Depending on the child you are suggested to stop at an appropriate level.

In the end of the books there are recordings of the sound and sometimes the gestures in the books. In addition to that an english translation is provided.

When the adult is talking about those books with the child it is positive if you repeat the actual words as many times as possible to ensure the child gets a lot of practice.

Furthermore, please try to use the actual words and gestures in the everyday life so the child get a lot of experience of them.

If you use the books in your pre-school or home you are most welcome to print pictures and texts for practical use.


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