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28 April, 2015
av Eva Berglund

Language development

At the moment there are 5 books for children to download from iBooks and the plan is that about 10 more will appear during spring. We are working to find a system to publish the books also in the Kindle system and for PC.

The Vocabulary books (under “Talking”) are designed to give the adult and the child a smart material to talk about. The words in the books are common words in Swedish child vocabularies, and thus easy to learn. The selection is made to support language development as efficiently as possible. For people with another mother tongue there is an english translation and sound clips for the Swedish pronunciation at the end of the books.

The book in the “Young readers” section is designed to make it possible for a young child who has just started to read, to have a book to read to his/her parents.

You are most welcome to pose your questions about language development in the contact form to the right!

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8 April, 2015
av Eva Berglund

First story “Nono fikar” – (Snack time Nono)

Finally are the books leaving the manuscript stage and will become available soon. The first book is called “Nono fikar” (Snack time Nono) and is a short story for a very small child around 12 months of age. The particular with this book is that it focuses on creating a story where the persons use as much gestures as words.

Gestures are of huge importance for language development, and in “Nono fikar” are many of the very early gestures appearing that are common among Swedish speaking children. The language in the book is short sentences written in a language typical for child directed speech. (Thus, it does not follow the common grammatical rules).

In addition to the story is the text read in Swedish available and the gestures are demonstrated. An English translation is given. This is particularly given as a help for families with another mother tongue than Swedish.

The books are designed to fit into different “series” where the “Green” books are directed to children and parents from before and in the very beginning when the child starts to talk.

The book is illustrated by Mattias Hellberg. The release date is planned to 10th of April.