Eva Berglund Bookz

Blue books

The child is able to use sentences and in the present phase is the child’s use of grammatical concepts or function words developing.

The blue books concern more abstract concepts such as word for time, place, pronouns, question words, connectives, and auxiliary words. They also concern letters and digits.

Even if the grammatical concepts are in focus, the child also need to learn different kinds of complicated and unusual nouns and verbs to become able to discuss more rare situations in life.

It is positive if the child has the opportunity to develop an understanding of rhyme and verse. Those skills are useful to understand the role of sounds in the words and their meaning. Skills of importance when the child starts to read. If the child has the opportunity to learn letters and the more those skills are automatised, it is positive for the child while learning to read.

However, the most important thing is to talk and have fun with your child. The children’s development in the pre-school years should be filled with play and joy and are not supposed to be a bit school-like.